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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Following rigorous purifier testing, we’ve made a tough call for Haxson: scrap the current design.

Thankfully, since our designer created multiple options, we have plenty of back-ups. Check out a few of them!

Pretty big difference, don’t you think?

We think so. This “bar-shaped hollow design to rest over your head” concept isn’t too bad, right?

It can rest vertically with the stand, as mentioned.

The main difference is the potential trashing of the dehumidifier/humidifier, in favor of the clock, light, and speaker.

It’s all still very early, as we had to backtrack, but we will consider each aspect thoroughly, and see what is optimal.

Stay tuned!

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Dallas DeRamus
Dallas DeRamus
Jan 08, 2022

What is current status of project?

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