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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The ultraviolet-C light test is next on the agenda.

Fortunately enough, the UV-C lamp had perfect placement, huge shoutout to the manufacturer for getting us a solid early prototype.

This test is harder than the others that have an easily visible and measurable result.

This well-known and FDA-approved light eliminates germs and bacteria fast, the only question left is exactly how effective our sample is.

We’re pondering using escherichia coli to test in a time-lapse video. They’re readily found in the environment, foods, and even human/animal intestines.

This bacteria ferments in exposure to oxygen, which is easy to see, and serves as an excellent visualization for the UV-C light’s capabilities.

To actually get this done, we’re likely to hand it off to a third party biology lab for proper protocols. This isn’t necessary, but it’s also essential that such a safe and efficient technology is optimized by experts. Just an extra layer of security for our R&D, which is always good to have.

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Randy R
Randy R
Sep 20, 2021

What kind of bulb are you using? Model of bulb?

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