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Welcome to the Haxson Development Blog! Since our R&D is fully underway, we decided to properly document the process and make it public to you! Expect fun facts, testing videos, and all the latest from our development process. We deeply hope you enjoy it!

Shortly following the initial product idea coming to life, we wanted to get it recorded on paper as soon as possible. This was our very first sketch of Haxson.

And yes, it definitely looks like a speaker with a stand. We totally agree.

But in our eyes, a personal 8-in-1 air management system meant combining all of these features into the most compact form factor possible. And while it looks like a speaker, the functionality clearly goes far beyond the looks.

Months of development later, our first prototype was finally completed!

Here it is! The first Haxson prototype.

Okay, okay, okay… We give up. It looks exactly like a speaker.

Testing is now fully underway, to probe how well the current components are functioning. It’s time to finally check how our prototype holds up. And once we’re done, you’ll be the first to know!

Check back next time, for a first look at our results!

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