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Post Campaign Progress Update #1

This is Ethan, product manager from Haxson Team.

From now on, I will be updating AirFan's progress on our Blog.

  • We have been struggling to hire a aerodynamic engineer, so we are not happy with the internal air flow structure we have right now.

A side from designing our own internal air flow structure, we also hired a third party to design the internal air flow system, component aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance....we can then compare it and see which is better. In terms of wind, the air flow and the noise Also, we have been getting different motors, different parts, from different brand different manufactures.

  • New remote design, 2.4g transmitter.

It is a wireless 2.4gHz remote control. It is rechargeable, no need for battery. It will automatically connect to the device after it plugged in. You can see we have more buttons! As suggested by some backers, we added in the UV lights and ionizer button for individual control. We also have more software added in to suit all the changes we’ve made.

  • Touch panel combination.

Power button - Function button - Light button - Sheep mode button Power + Light = Bluetooth pairing with 2 devices Power + Function = Pairing with phone app Function + Light = Child lock/unlock Light + Sleep mode = Reset Bluetooth pairing (Keep in mind, this prototype is not programmed with these combinations)

  • Different dots of display.

We are still yet to decide whether we are going to choose from these, or we will be able to have better solutions. But this is already programmed, so changing this is not hard.

  • Beep, lights, can be turned off.

This is something, many have mentioned. Some say they are a light sleeper, or their pet are sensitive to the beeping noise. And like we said, if there is a thing in the device, it can be turn on and off. You can do that either by remote, or app.

  • All light/display fade in/out.

We’ve been trying to make our product a stylish, elegant, overall cool product. And after some doing some homework, and feedback from backers, we now make all the lights, displays to fade in and out, everyone likes the soft opening and closing.

  • And all sort of tests.

  • Heater safety. Heating plates.

Heating method: PTC ceramic heating Maximum heater power output: EU and China: 1900W US: 1600W Japan: 1300W (The heating power output was increased from 300W average, because we forgot to consider it would be used in winter area, which is need to increase that.) - Material: UL 94 V0 (plastics flammability standard, by Underwriters Laboratories, a independent third party laboratory) material: Criteria:

  • Burning combustion is not sustained for more than 10 seconds after applying controlled flame.

  • Total flaming combustion time for 5 samples does not exceed 50 seconds.

  • None of the samples burned up, and cause glowing combustion.

  • None of the samples dripped flaming particles.

  • Samples did not exhibit glowing combustion for more than 30 seconds after removing the second controlled flame.

- We have set some overheating protection Standards for the heater 1. 3 second rapid heating is needed. 2. Sensor + thermostat: + fuse for safety. Sensor will detect and turn off heater when reach to highest temp. 3. User needs to be able to feel clear warm air within 3ft/1m, in a room with a heating area of up to 20 square meters. 4. Able to detect indoor temperature, smart control, energy saving. 5. The material, which is V0 rating flame-resit, which is resistant to high temperature, does not deform. Also, heat resist paint treatment, you will not be burned by touching it. 6. Fall detection. Cut off any power. Lastly, some might be concerned that all these changes will delay the production, but in fact, our team have set a deadline by the end of the year. The final design will, and must, settled down for manufacturing testing and trial production. Best regards, The Haxson Team

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