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Post Campaign Progress Update #10

Hey backers,

This is Ethan, Haxson's product manager.

This week, we were able to discover some issues and managed to solved it.

(Please do not worry, the testing models are only used for testing purposes, final product will be smaller and will not be as bulky)

  • The indicator lights on the remote control are having three-color lights, blue, green, and red, corresponding to different matching devices.

  • We have decided to make 3 different for users from different countries:

Version 1: 100V (for 100V, Japan, etc.) Version 2: 120V (for 110V-120V, USA/Canada/Taiwan, etc.)

Version 3: 230V (using 220V-240V, Europe/UK/Australia/Korea/China/South Africa, etc.)

  • USB-A port with 12W 5V 2.4A protocol (mainly support Apple 12W) + overvoltage and overcurrent protection + ESD protection

  • RTC real-time clock (automatic travel time + acquisition through APP, network)

  • When the remote control is adjusted to 30% brightness, and enter setting mode, will not become 100% brightness for setting.

  • Purifier doesn't show "P" on the display.

  • Heater, screen displays "H00", and it should display "P00".

  • When using the remote control turns off the heater, it displays "P00", it should be "H00"

  • When adjusting a different setting, there will be numbers that are not displayed.

  • When standby, turn on the heater, the heater display doesn’t show.

  • Child lock switch with not notification sound.

  • During the rapid time adjustment (hold +/-), the digital adjustment process cannot be seen (the flashing number cannot be seen).

At the end of the video, there are lots of 3D printed prototype shown, that was only part of what we have printed. Those part were not made without purpose, even though we no longer using it, but the data and experience were much valuable to us.

And we some time go back take it out parts to compare for double checking...etc.

Thank you!

Again stay safe, healthy and have great weekend!


Haxson Team

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