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Post Campaign Progress Update #2

Hey backers,

This is Ethan, product manager of Haxson Team.

Apology for unable to provide a vlog in this update, as I caught a cold and my voice is funny, so yeah, I will do this with text instead.

LED light durability test:

The LED showed in the video, has been in our lab doing the turning on/off test for a month already.

The setting is, turn off the LED for every 30 second.

I haven't unplugged the chip module to check how many times the LED has been turn on/off, but in calculation, about it has been turned off for more than 80,000 times. And so far, it is looking good, and we will see how it goes when it hit 100,000 times.

Testing on Oscillation

The oscillating (turning function) is done via the motor with in.

Some backers have pointed out the oscillation is not smooth enough. So we tear down some of the sample we bought from early R&D, and able to find out why: it is because the 3D printed prototype is not 100 accurately printed, the friction is what causing it to not be able to turn smoothly, this can be easily fixed.

Testing on the New heating design

We have a new internal structure about the heating function, see image above.

With this new parts, heating will be more efficient.

To test out, we took out the old fan/heater we bought, and tested on with our AirFan.

See the following link for the results (same link for the tests conducted I posted in previous updates):

These data really helped us to have a better understanding of how we should tune it.

Thank you so much for watching! And stay tuned for more!

Best Regards,

Haxson Team

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