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Post Campaign Progress Update #4

Hi everyone, this week, we got the newly printed prototypes!

Let's take a look:

Text version:

The new prototype arrived, and we’ve done some of the same tests we've done before, on this particular one.

Two main factors backer are mostly concerned, I think is pretty much solved:

1: Sound

With the larger body, meaning more room left for us to play with.

Combined with the new aerodynamic from our partner aero design company, new improved version has largely reduced the noise.

We have managed to lower the level 3 fan setting with around 35 dB, which is between the sound of whisper and refrigerator.

Which is what most people would use it while you sleep.

I was pretty surprised with the overall quality of the new design.

2: New remote control

Now we got a new remote without the outer body shell, but it is enough for us to do all the testings.

3: Air Flow

Thanks to the improved aerodynamic, internal air flow is now improved greatly.

It greatly reduces the sound, by lowering the vibration.

Air Flow is capable of travel up to 6m/19ft away.

Now that, we just need to tune it to make sure air flow comes out straight, rather than comes up than sideways.

And here is the old and new reading on anemometer:

More is coming and we can't wait! Stay tuned for more!

Best Regards,

Haxson Team

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