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Post Campaign Progress Update #6

Hey backer!

This week, we were able to provide some more work of our progress:

  • Roughly made remote

We've got the remote control made out.

Built quality is pretty rough, but it is enough for testing!

  • New stand/Headboard mounting kit design!

Based on the feedback we collected from backers, we have made changes to our stand/headboard mounting kit.

It is now one piece!

Which is, the mounting kit will be able to put on the stand.

Unlike the original design, stand and headboard mounting kit comes separately.

It is now a 'one for all' design.

Also, if you can see, the connection point it has one screw on each side.

We realized that is not enough, and we still need to make changes to make it for stronger connection.

The twisting lock mechanism is still under review, possibly more changes will be made.

Issues raised by backers:

After we revealed the new stand design, backers have provided some useful feedback.

Mainly, they are:

  • Screw point/connection point. The whole device is connected to the stand via 2 screws, instead of 4 we had previously.

- The answer is, we will be changing to 4 screws point for stronger connection.

  • Locking mechanism. We adapted machined aluminum ball locking mechanism for more adjustability. And the question of, whether the aluminum ball is large enough to secure the lock had been asked.

- Size of the aluminum ball will be further increase for more secure locking.

  • - Reasons of making this new stand:

1. To make it better looking.

2. Lowering cost for producing different stands (see original design of stand & headboard).

3. By doing so, shipping will be further lowered.

4. More adjustable.

5. To better suit user's need. We received so much feedback about the stand and concerns, and so we decided to make a new one accordingly.

Let us know if you have any thoughts!

As always, stay safe and healthy!


Haxson Team

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