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Post Campaign Progress Update #7

Hey Followers!

This is Ethan, product manager at Haxson. This week, we are able to test out the new stand! See video:

Text version: So! Like we previously mentioned, the prototype stand is made out, and we were able to test it out!

With the new stand, user will be able to: 1. Turn between horizontal placement and vertical placement, with ease. 2. AirFan will be attached on the rack, and move between stand and wall mount and headboard easily! 3. Height adjustment for the stand. Stand now is height adjustable. 4. Hook/lock on the pole to tie up the cable. 5. Adjust Airfan freely with the stand. But, while we like the stand with all its benefit, there are issue we found: 1. Central locking mechanism need to be improved. Current lock is not strong enough to lock the rack tight. 2. Like I mentioned before, the aluminum ball mechanism is not large enough to lock AirFan tight. 3. The rack was obstructed while turning between horizontal placement and vertical placement, by the twisting lock. 4. Hook/lock for cable is not tight enough. 5. 3 point base is not strong, stable enough. Might be changing back to rounded base. 6. Screws on rack will definitely be changing to 2 screws on each side, for stronger lock. 7. Last but not least, we still need to make it look better! (Please remember, we push and rush our manufacturer to make the new stand, overall quality is affected, but good enough for testing!) Other than the stand, we are currently focused on turning the software. And FYI, because AirFan have so many features, there are no available software solution on the market, that we can just buy and use it. Each feature will need custom tuned. Fortunately, it is not a difficult task. Additionally, Just want to go through some feedback and concerns from previous update: 1. The remote is not going to be colorful. Sorry to disappoint you, but we are looking for a simple, elegant design language. 2. Remote click being too loud, it is just because it is a engineering prototype, for testing. 3. The new headboard is yet to arrive. But you can take off the rack (which the rack is attached to AirFan), and move it freely between the stand and headboard. Lastly, let us know your thoughts!! As always, stay safe and healthy! Best, Haxson Team

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Dylan Bernard
Dylan Bernard

WIsh that this Blog was updated as regularly as the Kickstarter blog updates we are a few behind.


Randy R
Randy R

Great job! I get more excited with every video you post! 👍

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