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Post Campaign Progress Update #8

Hey backers,

This is Ethan, Haxson's product manager.

Following the previous update, we were able to come up with a new idea about how we want to solve the issue of, how to rotate (adjust) AirFan, when it is attached to the mount.

See video:

I suggest you watch the video to get a better idea of how the system work.

But still, this is ONLY a rough build, overall quality won't be good but it is good enough for us to do all the testing.

The test is to ensure, first of all, it won't fall :D

And every angle/stage it is tight enough to withstand the weight of AirFan.

And of course, to make sure it looks good!!!

I will try to share the drawing and rendering, instead of this 3D printed parts.

And, let us know your thoughts!

Lastly, we hope everyone is safe and healthy!


Haxson Team

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