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Post Campaign Progress Update #5

This week, we've finally got the refined prototype!

Text version and things I haven' covered in the vlog:

  • New prototype is wholly CNC machined out from a whole piece.

With that said, CNC technique will have much higher accuracy, means this prototype is highly close to what we will get in final production.

Compare to previously 3D printed prototypes, this CNC prototype will allow us to test out the overall assembly, cracking and rubbing noises, overall vibration, and whether the motors will make funny noise on the prototype after installed…etc.

All these testings conducted, so we can deliver a product that both of us will be satisfy with.

After we're happy with this version, we can start ordering molds and start the trial production.

We’re getting closer and closer!

  • Larger HEPA Filter!

Remember we made the AirFan bigger in size? Not only help largely with the inner air flow and aerodynamic, but with that extra space, we are able to put a larger filter for better filtration.

It will be a waste if we don’t, right?

  • New Remote Control

If you remember the 2nd design, well, we’ve come up with a slightly different one, after the previous testing on the remote, see below:

2nd design.

3rd design.

This should be the final design. I personally like the round edges, would be smooth to hold!

  • Bluetooth protocol.

A total of 8 built-in voices are required

Box matching: Send the box matching command and enter the box matching mode for 1 minute. If the box matching is successful, the successful command will be returned. After 1 minute, the failed command will be returned.

Personally, I have no idea what the protocol is for, but I think would be fun to share a little about our work.

And forgive me if this doesn't make any sense to anyone who know Bluetooth protocols.

  • New Wall Mount

We designed a new wall mount!

If you look closer, you can probably tell, there is a twisting mechanism in the center.

Guess what, we are making the mount switchable between horizontal and vertical.

This is specifically requested by some backers, and we love it, and here it is.

More wall mount and stand design is coming out shortly :D

  • What we've been up to and what is taking so long?

I think I need to talk about this, I believe a lot of you are wondering this as well.

Before I got into this project, I too have no idea of how much work is required to make a product like this.

Take the following image for example:

I used to think that the inner part are just thing and layers put together.

But after working closely with our engineers, I totally see why products like this take so long to make:

Simply, there are too many things need to be consider and tested.

Unlike other big brands, where they have tens and hundreds of testing engineers to speed up the testing process, we can only take our time.

Taking time communicating with prototype manufacturer, making sure spec and everything is correct, is a time-consuming work.

But fortunately, we are still on schedule.

Once again, thank you for following our updates and stick around for more!!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


Haxson Team

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