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Post Campaign Progress Update #3

This is Ethan, product manager of Haxson Team.

This week, we got our newly 3D printed parts assembled for testing!

Well, I have to say, the new design from our partner aerodynamic company is looking good.

We have around 10% increase in air flow! More wind comes out, woohoo!

And if you remember from previous materials, the wind speed reading wasn't ideal.

Switching from previous internal structure to fix the messy air flow within, we are pretty happy with the result so far.

Another thing about the 3D printed prototype, is the crazy vibration we with the new motor.

We can tell it is partly from, we haven't screw tight the parts. (so when I hold the prototype hard, the vibration noise is gone). So this shouldn't be a problem at all.

Interesting fact, we have tried different ring/donut shaped sponge insert, to reduce the vibration and the noise. Yet we are still testing on whether we will be using sponge or silicon insert instead.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in last update, with the new heating plates placing right on the air outlet, wind came out slightly less than it should, about 3%-4% less.

But with the new aero design, that is now fixed!

Now we have more wind, and a more efficient heating design, while it remain rapid heating.

"Turning heat" Test

Its been 12 days since we got this particular prototype set up for testing, after the LED durability test. (in previous update, which it passed the 100,000 mark! Another good news :D )

We are going to test, how long it takes the gears to fail. Based on the test result, to see whether we need to switch the gears to stronger materials.

We might apply on some resistance method in later on testing, to make this test harder. Not that the gear will need to take that much of force, but we would like to know at what point, it will break.

Some might be able to tell, the prototype looks significantly larger.

Well, that is because it is.

We print these prototype with a lager spec, to test out how much more efficient it would, if we make it bigger! It is now 20% larger, and we're already getting positive test results!

More work are required and loads of test still needs to be done, stay tuned!!

Lastly, as always, stay safe, healthy, and have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

Haxson Team

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