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Post Campaign Progress Update #9

Hey there!

This is Ethan, Haxson’s product manager, and I would like to share our progress:

  • Starting from the rack (which holds the AirFan).

Like we said, we had it modified for a more secured fit.

More screw points means tighter fit, simple!

And the scratches on the two metal rack, not only show how we’ve been testing it, also show these are the area we need to look close into. Whether it is a design issue or simply we tested incorrectly, we can further improve it from these.

  • Stand, turning mechanism.

Like we said, a quick 3D printed sample to test it out is very effective. We were able to quickly find out that, it is not strong enough for AirFan.

Not long after the testing starts, it started to turn into a turntable, not showing enough resistance like we want it to have.

So we might just go back to ball headlock, but with a bigger, stronger ball head.

(see sample of such lock mechanism)

  • Heating plates.

This is a particular interesting one. Like we always do, we increase the size of the heating plates for better, stronger output, and you can see it is significantly larger than the original one.

And from that point, things went a bit sideways, the LED light got burned out from the heat.

With a larger size heating component, it will generate more heat, but we never thought it will be hot enough to burn the LED.

So now we have two solution for this issue:

1. Reduce the size of heating plates. Less heat, nothing will get burn out. 2. Find a suitable power output. With a lower power output setting, it means lower heat and less likely to burn anything, while we can keep the larger heating plates. To be honest, we like the larger heat plates heats up fast, but still we need to consider the overall safety.

  • Heat resists material for outer body shell.

Ever since we found out about the LED got burned out from the larger heating unit, we immediately placed a order for a new heat resists outer body shell to testing it out.

Currently, we are using PC (polycarbonate), and the white one shown in the video was nylon. The PC material have a better heat-resistant than nylon, but still we would like to test it out both materials.

*Nothing got burned during testing, the term ‘burn’ was used to describe how the LED went off. Temperature is nowhere close to catch fire!

  • NEW AC cord.

We have been talking about this for a while now, and now we’ve decided to switch to this cord. And make a 90° connector for AirFan, for it will need to place close to wall, and a 90° connector will be great!

Some might ask what other tests we have done?

Well, we have to say, the same thing we’ve before.

If you can remember from previous updates, we have AirFan’s diameter increased. With that, we need to go through the sames test again.

Fortunately, we were able to do those test faster since we’ve done it with a different diameter.

Hope you like our small update!

Stay safe and health, like always!


Haxson Team

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